Buying a Home in the Winter

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Winter can be a great time to buy a new home. Here’s why: Less competition Fewer people buy homes in the winter months which means not as many bidding wars. There is a lower chance there will be multiple offer situations. There may also be fewer showings which means you may be able to offer… [Read More]

How to Stay Organized While Moving


Moving is something that a lot of people consider to be a daunting task and don’t look forward to. Staying organized before and during your move can make the transition into your new home go smooth. Step 1- Before moving, start to plan your packing strategy. Are you going to move everything that is in… [Read More]

AMEC Express Pre-Approval


When looking to purchase a home, getting pre-approved for a home loan is a common place to start. So what’s different between a normal pre-approval and our AMEC Express Pre-approval? Have questions? We are here to help!   *This offer is valid subject to no changes to applicant’s qualifying information within ten (10) days of… [Read More]

Cash-Out Refinance

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Strapped for cash? Want to get out of the dreaded mortgage insurance? Are you looking for startup money for that business idea you have? Do you want to stop paying the high yield rates of your credit cards? Look no further than your own home! You’ve built equity into your home, and maybe it’s time… [Read More]

Seller Contributions- What you need to know

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When the seller of a property agrees to contribute money toward the buyer’s closing costs, this is called a “seller contribution.” This is generally done to assist the buyer in closing the loan if they do not have sufficient funds to cover both the down payment and the closing costs. Seller contributions are generally permitted… [Read More]

Home Buying Tip: Save for a down payment early

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When buying a new home, saving for a down payment may be something you consider long before you start looking at houses. Starting to save for a down payment early ensures you have enough time to reach the amount you are wanting to save. Here are some tips to help: Setting a budget and transferring… [Read More]

Home Inspection and Home Appraisal- What’s the difference?

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Home Inspection Determines Property Condition This report is ordered by and completed solely for the individual(s) purchasing the home. It helps determine the condition of the property and its systems in great detail. It is not required by AMEC. How Much Does it Cost? $350-$500. Home inspection costs vary depending on the complexity of the… [Read More]

Why would I refinance my mortgage?


There are a variety of reasons why someone may refinance their mortgage. Lower Your Interest Rate- rates are still much lower then they have been in recent years. If your credit has improved, it could be the right move. Remove Mortgage Insurance- Once you have built up the required equity it may be time to… [Read More]

What questions should I ask a Loan Officer?

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If you’re thinking about buying a house, the first step is typically connecting with a Loan Officer to get pre-approved for a home loan and to see how much house you can afford. Here are typical questions asked: 1. What type of loans do you offer? 2. What is the interest rate and annual percentage… [Read More]

Advantages of Homeownership

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Thinking about buying a home? There are many advantages of owning your own home. • A place to call your own, where you can customize the home to fit your needs • Pride of ownership and independence • Being a part of a community • Investment in the future- building equity over time • Tax… [Read More]