North Mankato First-Time Homebuyer Grant Program

North Mankato First-Time Homebuyer Grant Program

The North Mankato City Council recently allocated funding to provide matching grants up to $2,500 per household for income-qualified first-time homebuyers in North Mankato. These funds are designated for down payment assistance and must be matched by homebuyers. For example, if an income-qualified homebuyer contributes $2,500 for their down payment, the City provides a grant in the amount of $2,500. The grant funds will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.
As the grant program is designated for income-qualified first-time homebuyers, the following are
the income guidelines and purchase price limits for the program:

Household Size Income Limit

  • 1-4 person $56,200
  • 5 person $60,700
  • 6 person $65,200
  • 7 person $69,700
  • 8 person $74,200
  • 9 person $78,700
  • 10 person $83,200
  • Purchase Price Limit – $237,031

Additionally, the City has received $25,000 from the Grater Minnesota Housing Fund (GMHF) to provide additional down payment assistance grants for first-time homebuyers in North Mankato. GMHF will contribute up to $2,500 to income qualified first-time homebuyers who buy an existing home or build a home in North Mankato. However, to qualify for GMHF funds, the first-time homebuyer must have at least one dependent child.

Should you have interest in these grant programs, please contact your mortgage lender to begin the application process.

Ben Coulter

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