Golden Valley

Golden Valley boasts more than 9,000 housing units, ranging from traditional suburban homes to high-rise condominiums. Although settlements in Golden Valley were established as early as the 1860s, most of the area’s housing stock dates to the 1950s and 1960s.

Single-family homes average a selling price of $262,000 and make up 71 percent of the City’s total housing stock. Multi-family homes, including apartments, townhomes, and condominiums, account for the rest. In 2007, an average monthly rent in Golden Valley was $673.


Although Golden Valley is considered fully developed, significant redevelopment opportunities exist, where high-density housing can complement an urban streetscape along with retail, offices, and parks.

Maintaining the Housing Stock

Equally important to new development is the maintenance of our existing housing stock (visit Your Home and Yard pages for specifics). Ordinances are in place to ensure the proper maintenance occurs in both single- and multi-family homes. Residents are encouraged to update their homes through remodeling and repair. Each February, Golden Valley participates in the annual West Metro Home Remodeling Fair.