FHA 203k Streamline & Full FHA 203k

We are proud to be one of the few companies in the market able to offer and fund FHA 203k Streamline and the Full FHA 203k Rehab/Remodel Loan.  This loan is a great tool for homeowners to buy a home and custom it to their liking all in one FHA 30 yr. Fixed loan. 

The Streamline FHA 203k loan allows for up to 35k in basic Rehab/Remodel projects for a new home purchase or existing home refinance/remodel.  This includes kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, appliances etc.  The Full FHA 203k allows for up to 365k in Rehab/Remodel and can do much more ellaborate work to the home such as adding a living room or attaching a garage.  Both of the FHA 203k loan programs are allowed to go to the maximum of 365k for a total loan amount.

Qualifying for a FHA 203k loan is the same as for standard FHA products in terms of credit and income.  The main difference is that borrowers are allowed to use 110% of the Future Appraised Value of their home!!  Please click  FHA 203k Rehab Loan to see our online brochure about the program. 

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