CASA Down Payment Program – MHFA

The Community Activity Set Aside fund (CASA) is designed to help lower income households that include and target single head households and minority families.  Although the target market is for those of mixed ethnic backgrounds, it is open and available to all those who qualify for the income limits set for the program.

Current Income Limits:

  • 11 County Metro:  1-4 persons – $67,200
  • Rochester MSA:  1-4 persons – $62,100
  • Balance of MN:  1-4 persons – $58,500

The CASA program is coupled with either the Homeownership Assistance Fund (HAF) or HOME HELP down payment assistance programs.  The HAF program allows for up $4,500 in assistance whereas the HOME HELP program offers up to $8,500 in entry cost assistance.

The CASA program does NOT have geographic limits on where it can provide assistance.

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