Who Plays a Role in the Homebuying Process?


Ready to buy your next (first) home? Who you work with throughout the homebuying process makes all the difference. We commit to working seamlessly with you and your real estate agent as a team to get your loan closed in a timely and professional manner. Real Estate Agent A real estate agent is licensed by… [Read More]


rent or buy-01

Deciding whether to rent or buy is a big financial decision that many of us need to make at some point in our life. We broke down the comparison between renting and buying into 3 categories: Freedom, Investment, and Stability. Lets compare… Freedom Rent • Landlord restrictions • Don’t have to maintain • NO pets… [Read More]

AMEC’s Closing Guarantee

closing guarantee detials

We know how important buying a home can be. With our Closing Guarantee, we give you peace of mind knowing your loan will close and you can move into your new home as scheduled! If AMEC Home Loans does not close your loan, we will issue a $5,000 credit towards the buyers first month’s mortgage… [Read More]